Projects and Mission Statement


The value of our work is widely proven by the effective strategies we implement to get the right compensation and by the all-round support that Iuraconsult staff give to its Clients on a daily basis.

Our mission therefore is to provide a service that is:

  • Transparent, our strategies are shared with our Client and the agreements are included in a written contract (Management Mandate)
  • Effective, as it aims straight at the outcome
  • Efficient, results achieved in short times

Our aim entirely matches that of our Client: maximum financial satisfaction within the shortest time

Iuraconsult e international cooperation

Iuraconsult supports projects of international cooperation in the countries of origins of its Clients since 2002. The projects must be in their implementation stage already and must aim to improve life conditions of the communities where the work is carried out.

The cost of an advert published on a national newspaper is equivalent to building two wells to get drinkable water supply in a so-called second- or third-world country.

Iuraconsult and social commitment

Similarly, thanks to the support of the right professionals, we support non profit organisations in Italy that have difficulties in starting up.